Solidarity with „Freiburg 5G-free“!

Dear friends in the mobile phone critical movement,

We are starting to network globally. Wonderful!

Global networking can be very effective.

On 30.9.2019 I launched an international call in eight different languages to protest against the Swiss mobile phone company Swisscom. In just two weeks, our website was suddenly accessed 2,000 times, there were more than 300 positive reactions on Facebook and some people simply cancelled their contract with Swisscom immediately. As a result, Swisscom asked the 5G-critical activists in Switzerland for an interview!

As I said – global networking can really be very effective and that’s fun! 🙂

Today I call for solidarity with the 5G-critical movement in Freiburg.

On 4.2.2020 the introduction of 5G in Freiburg will be discussed there in the local council. And the local council of Freiburg almost completely refuses to communicate with the 5G-critical activists in Freiburg, as if there were no risks at all with 5G. The Freiburg activists were even called „disrespectful 5G spinners“ by a city councillor in the local council.

Therefore I ask you today to write emails to the Freiburg city council and send you a list of email addresses and a sample email.

You just have to mark the addresses as a whole, copy them and paste them into the address field of your email.

You can change the sample email or write your own. The only important thing is that you sign the email and add your profession, your place of residence and the country you are writing from at the end.

Please participate. The people of Freiburg and its surroundings prevented the Wyhl nuclear power plant from being built in the 1970s through their resistance. Since then Freiburg has had a symbolic meaning. Many people in the resistance against 5G pay attention to what is happening in Freiburg. If the resistance against 5G in Freiburg is successful, this will also encourage the resistance in many other places! And with the successful resistance against the nuclear power plant Wyhl almost 50 years ago, there was also international help! There is only one planet Earth, let’s stick together.

If you would like to translate this appeal into other languages, I would be very happy. Please also send your translations to my email address so I can distribute them.

I thank you all from my heart for your commitment

All the best to us

Vincent Liebig

PS: And here are the email addresses and the sample email

List of the email addresses of the city councillors of Freiburg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sample email:

Subject: Solidarity with „Freiburg 5G-free!

Ladies and gentlemen of the Freiburg City Council,

On 10.12.2019 your local council has approved the digitisation plan of the city of Freiburg. This plan includes the digitization of all Freiburg schools. Don’t you know how dangerous mobile radiation and digital learning are, especially for the healthy and natural development of the brain of children and adolescents? The digitisation of Freiburg’s schools should definitely be reconsidered in principle in order to protect children and young people!

Mobile radio is much more dangerous than the mobile phone industry would have us believe.

And the way in which 5G is to be introduced is against the precautionary principle and against the fundamental rights to the inviolability of the home, the body and privacy. The introduction of 5G is a fundamental and global attack on human rights and democracy by the mobile phone industry!

The new 5G mobile phone standard is also harmful to the climate. Through it the amount of data and power consumption in the server centres increases …at breakneck speed. Already today, the intensive and mobile Internet emissions of CO2 are very high, higher than those caused by air traffic.

The global mobile phone critical movement is NOT directed against local politics! On the contrary! The women and men in this global movement hope for your help and show a lot of civil courage in their voluntary work!

And the people in this movement are also not against technical improvements.

But they want REAL technical improvements! And these people are working worldwide for the preservation of the environment, our health and human rights!

Please show civil courage and commitment!

Inform yourself about the risks of mobile radiation. Protect the people in your city! As politicians, you are committed to the common good. Rethink the digitalization of Freiburg’s schools! And vote against the introduction of 5G in Freiburg at the municipal council meeting on the 4th of February 2020!

Commit yourself to the moratorium of 5G in space and on earth!

With kind regards





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