Stop 5G Hunger Streik in Italien

Parliament of Italy: Hunger Strike Stop 5G Electromagnetic Radiation

As of April 17, 2021, there are now  over 100 people in a hunger strike in Italy against 5G ! 

A hunger strike to stop 5G and to stop Italy from loosening their cell tower radiation limits was launched Tuesday 13 April 2021. It will continue until the final Italian parliamentary vote on wireless radiation threshold limits.

Italy, along with countries such as China, India,  Russia and Switzerland have far more restrictive wireless/cell tower radiation limits compared to the United States, Australia and Japan.  However industry is aggressively working to get these countries to weaken their more restrictive cell tower radiation limits in order to deploy 5G.  The vote could change the Italian wireless radiation thresholds from 6 V / m up to 61 V / m. 

Fundstelle am 22.4.2021:

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