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19. September 2021

SEPTEMBER 18/19, 2021

THEME: Linking Arms to Reclaim Our Future
SPIRIT: „It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.“

We’ve reached a point in time where more and more people are longing for a world that respects all living beings, and where the needs of the planet take precedence over corporate profits. A world where life is simple, yet wonder-filled and joyous. Where communities, freed from unfair policies dictated by captured governments, can organically decide among members how they wish to live their lives.  A world where we once again connect with one another, person-to-person, face-to-face, and heart-to-heart. That’s not to say people want to completely abandon online communications, for after all, how could we organize ourselves into a global protest without the internet! 😊 But the online craze has gotten out of hand.  We need balance as we walk together mindfully and consciously into the future.

Linking Arms with Other Groups

For this next weekend of Global Protest/Action Days, we invite you to reach out to other groups who share this fundamental vision for a better world. Groups that are working on other issues related to environmental pollution, human rights violations, privacy, censorship, world hunger, war etc. The focus of the weekend events will remain the 5G/satellite/data-harvesting/AI juggernaut as 5G is the linchpin that connects and enables nearly  all other issues.

Perhaps these Action Days can be the start (or continuation, as it has already begun) of a global grassroots movement for Mother Earth, where we call for local economies, regenerative farming and land use, slow living etc. A world where we understand deeply and feeling-fully that we are an integral part of this holy Web of Life, and with our personal and unique gifts, offer ourselves in joyous and meaningful service to one another, Earth and the Heavens. 

5G weaves together a global system that is uprooting us from Mother Earth. A global grassroots movement for Mother Earth may be our only hope of reclaiming the future from the clutches of 5G. 


As important as the content of our message is, the delivery is equally, if not more important. Whatever the nature of your event is, we encourage you to enjoy one another’s company, celebrate, have fun, feel the trust and inherent goodness in each other, and even in the people whose actions you are trying to redirect. Let’s regenerate ourselves as we regenerate the planet!


We will also be holding a webinar as part of September’s events, very much in the same spirit of linking arms with other groups. We hope to bring together panelists working in very different arenas, but who share the same fundamental goals. Stay tuned for that as it will likely be both fascinating and inspiring.


19. September 2021

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